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Cloud Solutions


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Cutting the cost of IT while increasing agility

Cloud is a catalyst for business transformation, enabling the rapid delivery of applications and services that speed up time-to-value. By striking the right balance between private cloud, public cloud, and traditional IT, you can build a hybrid infrastructure that not only meets your business goals but is also more agile and cost competitive.

With cloud solutions you can:

? Increase agility and scalability by provisioning infrastructure in minutes
? Enjoy prolonged server uptime by rolling out on-demand hosting, storage, and computing
? Improve IT productivity by accelerating app development and delivery
? Ensure rapid recovery of critical servers by developing disaster recovery plans
? Reduce compute costs by shifting funding from capital to operating expenditure

DSI has the experience, expertise, and partnerships to help you maximise the benefits that cloud solutions can bring. To find out more information or to book a cloud workshop with us, call DSI today.