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Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Connecting teams and telling compelling data stories in the most secure Office ever

With the help of DSI and the SkyKick migration application suite, you can reap the rich rewards of Office 365 in the cloud. DSI will manage the entire process for minimal disruption and superior security while SkyKick offers reduced time and risk in terms of implementation as well as a controllable cost structure.

Office 365

The latest capabilities in Office 365 combined with newly released Office 2016 apps mean your company will have access to the most comprehensive, most secure cloud productivity and communication suite on the market.

Built for teams and networks
Connect your workforce with great communication on Skype

People-centric security
Advanced security and compliance tools

Personal and organisational insights
Easy-to-use live data monitoring and in-depth analysis tools

Maximise sales productivity
The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI drives sales productivity


For most enterprises, the next logical step from Office 365 is Azure, a growing collection of integrated cloud services - analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web – for moving faster, achieving more and saving money.

Virtual machines
Provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in minutes

Durable, highly available, and massively scalable cloud storage

Simple and reliable server backup to the cloud

To understand how dsi can help with your Microsoft cloud requirements contact a dsi consultant, call:
+44 (0) 845 006 7777