The benefits businesses gain by adopting flash storage

The benefits businesses gain by adopting flash storage

How can small to midsize businesses boost the speed and reliability of their storage solutions while simultaneously increasing capacity, improving data recovery, and gaining a competitive advantage? The answer is through the adoption of flash storage.

Research reveals that flash-based storage has afforded all of the aforementioned advantages to small and midsize businesses. Thanks to greater flexibility and faster speeds, flash storage is also helping to modernise IT infrastructures and facilitate commercial success.

Why you should adopt flash storage

According to the report Flash Storage Speeds the Path to Hybrid IT by Aberdeen Group, businesses with flash-based storage are:

  • Three times more likely to see a reduction in IT spending on storage
  • Two times more likely to reduce time to backup and restore data
  • 66 per cent more likely to deploy new storage technologies
  • 50 per cent more likely to reduce outages and downtime
  • 22 per cent more likely to reduce storage management complexity

These findings prove that businesses can cost-effectively adopt flash-based storage but also enjoy better performance and reliability. What’s more, flash-based storage can allow for the easy implementation of other emerging technologies including hybrid IT, propelling data efficiency and IT capabilities to a whole new level.

What the experts have to say

Even though flash-based disks are hardly new and have become standard issue in devices like tablets and laptops, many businesses believe this kind of infrastructure would prove too costly to introduce. However, this just isn’t the case.

“Leading organisations have been able to cost- effectively deploy flash-based storage to enhance performance and reliability, simplify management, as well as reduce infrastructure and operational costs that can come from flash,” notes the Aberdeen Group.

“They’ve seen a considerable increase in their ability to scale all of their IT resources without seeing an increase in storage costs.”

Aberdeen Group also note that making the move to a flash-based infrastructure is not only relatively straightforward, but also makes future IT upgrades much simpler.

“Cloud-ready adaptive flash arrays offer affordable flash performance and management simplicity and are ideal for supporting hybrid IT by allowing data mobility between on-premises and cloud, with the optional benefit of multi-cloud mobility,” the company adds.

“Most importantly, these organisations can adopt flash without concerns around increased costs and complexities.”


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