A recent McAfee Labs Threats Report found that the number of cyberattacks affecting businesses is growing. Not only did it record over 900,000,000 malware cases in single quarter, McAfee also discovered:

  • Ransomware attacks grew by 118%
  • PowerShell attacks increased 460%
  • More than four million unique sources of SMB exploit traffic

When you throw BYOD threats, DDoS attacks and lost devices into the mix, businesses must remain vigilant against cybersecurity in multiple ways. Here are 15 ways to protect your business from a cyberattack to get you started:

  1. Perform a security assessment – When performing this task, establish a baseline and address existing vulnerabilities.
  2. Secure your email against spam – The vast majority of cyberattacks originate in your email. Choose an email provider that reduces spam and your exposure to attacks.
  3. Implement security policies – For example, enable enhanced password policies, deny or limit USB file storage access and set user screen timeouts.
  4. Raise security awareness – Put your workforce through formal training that teaches them about data security and email attacks as well as your policies and procedures.
  5. Introduce advanced endpoint security – This will protect your company data from malware, viruses, and cyber-attacks.
  6. Use Multi-Factor Authentication – This adds an additional layer of protection to ensure safety, even if passwords get stolen.
  7. Keep computers updated – Make sure the latest versions of critical software remain up to date.
  8. Scan the Dark Web – Take a proactive approach to preventing data breaches by researching the Dark Web to see if accounts and passwords have been posted there.
  9. Utilise SIEM/Log Management – Big data engines can review all event and security logs from devices to protect against advanced threats.
  10. Try cloud-based security – This will detect web and email threats as they emerge online, blocking them on your network within seconds.
  11. Don’t overlook mobile devices – Cyber criminals could attempt to steal data or access your network through your employees’ phones and tablets.
  12. Introduce firewalls – Make sure you turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Presentation features.
  13. Encrypt wherever possible – The ultimate goal is to encrypt data at rest, in motion and on mobile devices.
  14. Backup regularly – Both locally and in the cloud. Also, have an offline backup for each month of the year.
  15. Take out cyber insurance – Protect your business with cyber damage and recovery insurance policies

Managed Security Solutions for SMB’s

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