CHOICE Cambodia, a non-profit organisation (NPO) close to DSI’s hearts, has recently purchased a plot of land on which it will build a permanent home. Located near the Bassac river, CHOICE’s new location will play host to a school, training centre, and accommodation.

Giving thanks to generosity

The land purchase wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible generosity of friends and supporters, to whom CHOICE cannot thank enough and will acknowledge with written signage onsite.

Michael Wieland of CHOICE Family Germany obtained a non-interest loan for its NGO, which will result in long-term savings of around US$7,000 a year in rent. Don Rosenfeldt also contributed an amazing US$14,686 to the cause.

Plans for the site

CHOICE intends to divide the land into three main areas. The biggest will be a school, which has a construction timeline of at least four years. However, the relocation of the Kindergarten and building of necessary amenities should be complete later this year.

The second area will be for Khmer training and accommodation. CHOICE has acquired the services of training instructor James Dumar, who is co-ordinating a free-of-choice beekeeping program and will soon introduce new courses.

The third area will be leased to CHOICE supporter Don Rosenfeldt, who intends to build a guesthouse overlooking the river. Accommodation will be offered to volunteers, visitors, and regulars, with all profits being donated back to CHOICE.

The Gordon Institute of TAFE in Geelong, Australia will also send a team of tradesmen each year to help train, build, and landscape the centre.

More about CHOICE

CHOICE provides support to the local community in three main areas

• Medical assistance to adults and children – Taking sick people to hospital and providing them with medicine, vaccinations, birth control, and more.
• Education and training for children – Transporting children to and from school. The CHOICE centre also provides free English lessons, computer classes, books, and uniforms.
• Family assistance – Supporting the elderly and mothers who are suffering from illness.

The CHOICE team are all volunteers striving to make a difference to the poor and disadvantaged people of Cambodia.