Hyperconvergence is one of the hottest topic being discussed in IT departments today, with decision makers increasingly considering replacing their legacy systems with a hyperconverged infrastructure. The promise of operational and economic benefits is a shiny lure, and those who have adopted haven’t looked back yet.

But while it’s a proven, available framework, there are so many hyperconverged solutions out there that enterprises don’t know where to start. For virtualised environments, here’s the low-down on your best options:


HPE SimpliVity is a complete hardware-software solution for hyperconvergence. This infrastructure simplifies IT by converging the server and primary storage layers, as well as deduplication appliances, backup software, replication, WAN optimisation technologies and cloud gateways. It delivers optimisation across primary and backup storage tiers, making it a great option for maximising availability and performance. Learn more


Cisco is a well-known name in the IT world. They introduced their hyperconverged product, HyperFlex, in 2016. It uses Cisco UCS servers for compute and storage, and Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnectors for network management. Reliable and high performance, Cisco HyperFlex unifies compute, storage, and networking perfectly.


NetApp isn’t best-known for hyperconvergence, but NetApp HCI is a good product. It’s suitable for private cloud, accelerating deployment and multiple applications. It claims to be able to cut IT operating costs up to 67pc by simplifying and automating management. You’ll find this product scalable and unique in its skill set.


Nutanix’ hyperconverged infrastructure is software-based and can completely transform your legacy system by streamlining the deployment, management and scaling of datacentre resources. Each node in a cluster runs a hypervisor and the HCI control is run as a separate virtual machine. This creates a highly scalable, reliable system. Learn more.

Dell EMC

If the best setup for your organisation is appliance-based hyperconverged infrastructure, Dell EMC ‘s VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested Vmware system on the market right now. This turnkey appliance is state-of-the-art and designed as an IaaS platform with everything managed through VMware vCenter Server. Learn more