When it comes to virtualisation platforms, VMware vSphere is the most widely adopted platform of its kind. It enables workload portability, allowing workloads to be deployed and managed without being tied to any particular server.

EMC PowerStore takes this idea one step further with newfound levels of simplicity and agility, unlocking the ability to host virtualised applications directly on the appliance with full integration into VMware management frameworks.

Why would you want to do this? Because PowerStore makes it easier for administrators to manage storage and efficiency. It’s also designed for vVols with a scalable architecture that is capable of meeting growing data needs.

Built for the VMware Ecosystem

PowerStore recognises that VMware is the preferred choice by many IT departments as a trusted infrastructure deployment platform. PowerStore is built to complement VMware to address next-generation storage and data requirements.

EMC PowerStore is built from the ground up for the VMware ecosystem. It accommodates VMware vVols and runs them natively. You can also configure it with ESXi, enabling AppsON for running virtualised apps on the appliance.

There are several benefits to combining Dell EMC PowerStore and VMware, including:

  • Reduced TCO
  • Unique hybrid cloud functionality
  • High-performance enterprise storage
  • Granular and scalable performance across environments

You can also configure PowerStore with support for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). This unlocks the ability to support Workload Domains. PowerStore can be utilised as primary or secondary storage in VCF VI domains to suit your requirements.

VMware with PowerStore also supports your needs for portability across hybrid cloud environments. This single hybrid cloud platform delivers the flexibility and performance you need to streamline your environments.

A Future-Proof Investment

All EMC PowerStore appliances leverage end-to-end NVMe design and Intel Optane Storage Class Memory for the highest performance possible. PowerStore can also replicate its data sets to other PowerStore arrays. This means you can ensure continuous data availability, no matter the scale or growth of your infrastructure.

VMware is at the cutting edge when it comes to virtualisation. PowerStore is at the cutting edge for data storage. Together, these two infrastructure platforms deliver enhanced operational simplicity, agility and performance with the ability to host virtualized apps on the PowerStore appliance with AppsON capability.

PowerStore is part of Dell’s EMC Future-Proof Storage Program, which means it qualifies for a 3-year future-proof guarantee. Future upgrades are guaranteed to be compatible, including all-flash storage. This ensures your investment continues to be at the cutting edge with the ability to leverage future innovations.

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