Windows Server 2022 is a cloud-based operating system for business-critical workloads capable of transforming your data centre. You can connect on-premises Windows Servers to Azure with Windows Admin Centre, modernise workloads on Azure and give workers access to apps from home with Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Windows Server 2022 is secure and hybrid cloud-ready. Additionally, it enables Hyper-V inside of a Hyper-V virtual machine for virtualisation.

What is cloud-ready?

Cloud-ready means your IT infrastructure is designed to work over the internet. For example, apps ordinarily accessed on-premises are also accessible remotely over the internet (through a secure platform).

In today’s hybrid workplace, being cloud-ready is necessary for complex workloads to be performed anywhere in the world, and as the nature of office work changes from on-prem to remote work, being cloud-ready is crucial for the future workforce.

The cloud-ready operating system

Windows Server 2022 is ideal for on-premises datacentre and private cloud environments (virtual machines). Standard and Datacentre versions exist, with Datacentre adding support for unlimited VMs (Standard only supports two).

This latest version of Windows helps your business get cloud-ready with improved hybrid cloud capabilities. The simplest example is the ability to connect with Azure Arc, which simplifies complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud.

For example, you can maintain virtualised Windows Server workloads with Azure Edition using the new hot patching feature, simplifying the management of complex workloads running in the Azure IaaS cloud.

  • Top tip: If you don’t use Azure, you can use Azure Automanage for Windows Server to migrate to Azure without changes to network IP.

Big applications run smoothly with significant improvements for Azure integration and newfound support for 48TB of memory and 2,048 cores on 64 sockets. Windows Server 2022 also has improved Windows container support with Kubernetes applications (enterprise-ready containerised app solutions).

Having the right infrastructure to support your organisation’s workloads is critical to success. By using cloud-ready solutions like Windows Server 2022, you can improve agility and adapt to workload demands faster.

If you are already using Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 is a significant upgrade in both security and cloud support. There are hundreds of new features. You can also get Certified Secured-core server hardware from an OEM partner, which protects against sophisticated attacks. If you are looking at upgrading your Windows enviorment please do contact us to discuss your options.