Creating the optimum work from home set-up is all about maximising comfort and productivity.

With just a laptop you might be able to work from anywhere in the world  but you’d probably agree that it’s easier to get stuff done with a proper workstation. Sitting at a desk with multiple monitors is better than working on a laptop, just like working on a laptop is so much easier than getting stuff done on your phone.

So, here are 7 things you need at your workstation for the ultimate work from home set-up:

1. Multiple monitors

Once you’ve used a multiple monitor set-up, you’ll never look back. Multiple monitors enable you to increase your screen real estate by 100%. This means you have twice as much space to get stuff done, making multitasking much easier.

2. Docking station

A docking station lets you connect your displays and peripheral devices without messing around with the device itself. The docking station connects to your computer so you can connect everything you need to the docking station.

3. Cooling pad

If you use a laptop, it’s a good idea to use a cooling pad. Laptops can get warm and especially those that are designed for slimness rather than performance. Cooling pads have a fan to help keep your laptop cool.

4. Uninterruptible power supply

An uninterruptible power supply is a device that can continue powering your workstation after a power cut. These devices have an in-built battery which provides emergency power, so you can keep working or shutdown safely.

5. Cable organisers

Cable organisers keep your cables out of the way and accessible. They normally attach to the wall or they can sit on the floor under your desk. The best thing about cable organisers is they are cheap and help keep your workstation tidy.

6. An adjustable office chair

Sitting at a computer all day is bad for your health because sitting in the same position affects blood flow. The best investment you can make for a home office set-up is an office chair that’s comfortable, supportive and adjustable.


Working from home shouldn’t be a drag. By making some small but meaningful changes to your work from home set-up, you can make working from home better than being in the office. If you only do two things, get a second monitor and a good office chair.