Data has never been more valuable, but the complexity and silos inherent to hybrid cloud environments makes unlocking value from data difficult. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it is impeding digital transformation.

For example, traditional data infrastructure introduces management complexity with traditional and modern apps, incoherent cloud experiences across edge, core and cloud, and it doesn’t enable AI to make data infrastructure invisible.

For true digital transformation, the data infrastructure you evolve to needs to be built with a cloud-native architecture. This is where HPE Alletra comes in.

The power of HPE Alletra

HPE Alletra is cloud-native data infrastructure powered by Data Services Cloud Console, bringing the cloud experience wherever data lives.

Put simply, HPE Alletra replaces traditional storage management with cloud-native infrastructure as a service to bring the cloud experience to all workloads. It wraps up data infrastructure into a single solution from edge to cloud, allowing you to run apps, workloads and processes without silos and multiple platforms. Allowing you to:

  • Manage data infrastructure from anywhere
  • Connect to storage and automate deployments in the cloud
  • Get enterprise-grade reliability, low latency, and performance
  • Deploy data infrastructure in minutes with no IT specialist required
  • Make provisioning applications at scale effortlessly
  • Add new features and upgrades instantly through cloud-delivered upgrades
  • Bridge your clouds by simply and efficiently moving data back and forth between on-premises and public cloud

Two product lines for any application

HPE Alletra 9000 – Ideal for large-scale applications including large databases and large containers. Ultra-low latency with a 100% availability guarantee. Best-in-class performance thanks to all-NVMe certified for up to 96 SAP HANA nodes.

HPE Alletra 6000 – Ideal for business-critical workloads with strict SLAs, databases, testing, development, VM farms and container farms. Resilient storage for consistent data services with 99.9999% availability guaranteed.

HPE Alletra is purpose-built for cloud operations and consumption from edge to cloud. It runs any app with AI-driven intelligence, FIPS 140-2 encrypted end-to-end security, multi-site protection and all-NVMe-accelerated performance.

HPE Alletra 9000 comes standard with a 100% availability guarantee and 6000 comes with a 6-nines availability guarantee.

You can trust these platforms to give you a radically simple and stress-free storage experience. Use them to power mission-critical and business-critical workloads and enjoy consistent performance with industry-leading data efficiency.

DSI are a leading HPE patner and are able to help, do contact us to discuss your your infrastucture and challenges.