We are living in an era where massive amounts of data are being collected, and new technologies are enabling businesses to utilise it at scale. However, digital transformation isn’t simple on the data side. Most businesses store their data everywhere from local storage, to the edge, to the cloud. This has created a silo culture. IT departments are now under immense pressure to make data work better, by simplifying data centres so that they provide the agility and flexibility of the cloud.

These are conflicting demands. How can one generate more data while making their data centre more adaptable? Dell EMC has a solution called PowerStore, a modern storage appliance that is designed for the data era we now live in.

Dell PowerStore

Dell EMC PowerStore is a storage appliance with the latest modern storage technology. It is designed as a purpose-built array for data storage, with a built-in VMware ESXi hypervisor and innovative AppsON capability.

Any workload

PowerStore has a single architecture for block, file, and VMware with the ability to accommodate application, multi-protocol network and multi-format storage diversity. This allows you to consolidate your infrastructure.

You can run virtualized workloads directly on the array using AppsOn, which delivers a higher level of flexibility and mobility than you’re probably used to. This is possible because of the purpose-built array with VMware vSphere.

Optimised for speed

What good is any storage appliance if it isn’t fast?

PowerStore leverages end-to-end NVMe3 and dual-port Intel Optane solid-state drives (SSDs). Dell EMC estimates that it delivers up to 7x more IOPs and 3x lower latency for workloads compared to previous generations of Dell EMC midrange storage.

Optimised for scale

PowerStore enables you to scale capacity and performance independently, with each appliance capable of growing to over 2.8 PB. You can also cluster multiple Dell EMC PowerStore appliances to double up on performance as needed.

With the ability to independently add capacity or processing power, you can configure your PowerStore appliances to meet the demands of your business.


PowerStore is a state-of-the-art product designed to meet the demands of your business now and in the future. It is covered by Dell EMC’s Future-Proof program, with Dell EMC releasing Anytime Upgrades to modernise PowerStore over time.

You can upgrade to next-gen appliance nodes, choose the newest current generation, or scale out to expand your environment with a second appliance.

The future of storage is here – use it to simplify and modernise your data centre without adding another dreaded silo. Learn more about the Dell EMC PowerStore.