In today’s digital world, being at the cutting edge can yield significant competitive advantages. IT is an area where significant value can be unlocked, leading to increased revenue, improved operational efficiency and improved IT capabilities to fuel innovation.

As more SMBs look to harness transformative technology to support the digital transformation goals imperative to future performance, flexible financing solutions will be pivotal to investing in the right solutions at the right time.

IT investment challenges

The most common challenge small and midsized businesses face is delivering IT with insufficient resources and skills. Combine this with budget limitations, and you have several factors that can delay digital transformation:

  • Cash flow
  • Insufficient resources and skills
  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Legacy inertia

Digital transformation is essential for SMBs to stay relevant, competitive, and improve revenue, yet most SMBs believe new investment to be too costly to pursue. This is wrong and we offer several IT financing solutions to help:

Asset lifecycle solutions – unlocks the value from your existing IT by repurposing and upgrading your existing IT investments. You can lease and rent certified vendor inventory to modernise your IT without ripping it out.

Simple IT equipment financing – enables you to invest in new IT and pay it off over 1-3 years so you can seize new opportunities without breaking the bank. Ownership and upgrade paths are offered to suit your needs.

These solutions will help you:

  • Conserve cash
  • Maintain predictable pricing
  • Get value from old assets
  • Simplify the procurement process

IT budget considerations

When assessing your IT budget, it’s important to take the view that IT is a business investment, not a cost. Properly specified IT will yield significant value for your business and customers, potentially paying for itself thousands of times over.

The top considerations for your IT spend in 2020 – 2021 should include:

  • Assessing and overhauling IT systems to digitally transform your business
  • Deploying technologies that unlock greater agility so you can outperform the market
  • Assuring business continuity with reliable, available services
  • Addressing the changing needs of your business, workers and customers
  • Recognising the post-pandemic world and preparing for new global health crises
  • Overcoming legacy inertia so you can replace legacy technology with new systems
  • Becoming more sustainable
  • Increasing operational efficiency and productivity

If you recognise the importance of digitisation as part of business strategy, we are here to help you invest in the right solutions for your business.

Feel free to to contact us to discuss financing solutions for small and midsized businesses.