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Hyperconvergence infrastructure systems enables you to say goodbye to makeshift data centres by eliminating the need for complex hardware, software, and data integration.
A hyperconverged solution replaces separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays with one infrastructure solution.
This creates IT that’s agile, scalable and easy to manage.

Here’s how you could benefit from hyperconverged infrastructure system:

  • Fewer hardware issues – With hyperconverged infrastructure, there are no discrete IT components, fewer moving parts, and fewer hardware issues. All services and infrastructure are combined below the hypervisor.
  • Centralised management – Via a single interface, you benefit from the centralised management of virtual environments, which helps cut responsibilities and increase productivity.
  • Efficient resources – Maximum CPU resources are available at all times. HCI will eliminate duplicate services and devices, save IOPS, and offload intensive processing from x86 processors.
  • Better backups – Hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates the need for third-party replication or backup software and hardware. The virtual machine takes care of everything.
  • Reduces costs – Along with cloud-level economics, hyperconverged infrastructure can also offer streamlined acquisition, deployment, support, and management of the solution.
  • Greater mobility – By shifting management over to apps and virtual machines, hyperconverged infrastructure can bring about greater mobility so employees can do their jobs anywhere.
  • Reduces human error – Hyperconverged infrastructure cuts down on labour-intensive, human-input IT activities. It also reduces the risk of over-provisioning and over-purchasing from IT staff.

DSI work with a number of leading HCI vendors and can help you realise the benefits of adopting a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Dell EMC VxRail is a hyperconverged infrastructure appliance offering a fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested solution. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and dramatically simplifies IT operations.

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Forester Wave1 report recently named HPE as a Leader in hyperconverged infrastructure. With HPE SimpliVity one of the leading solutions that are enabling customers to adopt a software defined hybrid IT that is simple to own and operate.

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Offering a market leading hyperconverged platform that will bring your compute and storage into a single appliance. Nutanix combines x86 based server and storage resources with intelligent software to deliver an agile software-defined data centre that can scale with your business.

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Oracle’s converged infrastructure offers faster deployment and time to market with enterprise-class performance. Oracle VM templates allow you to deploy applications and databases in minutes, versus hours.

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