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Legacy network infrastructures were designed before mobility and IoT became so prevalent. Today’s network infrastructure is likely to be connecting millions of new users and devices, new applications and a deluge of new data.
You need to think security first and future proof your network infrastructure. Intelligent switches and routers with integrated security can help you address ever-changing threats. Helping you detect and contain threats, even in encrypted traffic.

When it comes to networking, Cisco put security and performance first. Their networking infrastructure offers network automation, low WAN costs, predictable, reliable performance and threat mitigation, including encrypted traffic analytics (ETA). Cisco also offer intent-based networking through an open, programmable architecture for growing enterprises.

HPE Aruba offers powerful, dependable networking products that are mobile and IoT ready. Offering a complete networking solution, Aruba delivers outstanding performance through accelerated hardware, including access points, switches, and controllers which incorporate the latest technologies, such as Bluetooth Low Energy. An excellent choice for new network infrastructure.

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