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We live in a digital economy where data volumes are exploding. Data has become a precious corporate asset that can create a competitive advantage, deliver real business intelligence and fuel innovation. The need to store, protect and manage data effectively has never been more critical.
Forward-looking businesses are investing in data storage solutions that deliver maximum value. Flash storage has now reached a price point that makes it a viable option for smaller businesses. Scale-out software defined storage is allowing businesses to turn commodity x86 servers into unlimited storage pools for any type of data, transforming storage resources, and creating a unified, intelligent layer that gives maximum flexibility, automation and control.
IT infrastructure storage

Working with the leading storage vendors such as Dell EMC, HPE, Oracle, NetApp, VMWare and emerging software-defined vendors such as Scality, DSI has the knowledge and expertise to transform your storage infrastructure.

Dell EMC’s storage solutions include enterprise storage with flash and ISILON storage, all-flash storage, cloud storage, and software-defined storage. All solutions offer flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

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HPE’s range of enterprise data storage systems include all-flash and hybrid storage arrays. These systems are cloud ready and future proof, to ensure that your investment does not age prematurely.

Oracle Tape Storage is a low-cost, high-efficiency storage solution. Scalable and powerful, these systems include tape drives, tape media, mainframe virtual tapes and can be setup for any application.

VMware’s Software Defined Storage offers flexibility and reliability, with per-application storage devices and heterogenous storage support. Suitable for SAN, NAS or direct attached storage on x86 industry-standard hardware.

NetApp’s storage solutions include both hardware and software. Their OS,
Data ONTAP, features a complete set of storage management tools. NetApp storage is widely used to reduce bloated space in IT systems.

Scality is a global leader in cloud and object storage. Offering 100 per cent availability, Scality’s storage solutions offer excellent scalability and value for money. They are also enterprise cloud ready.

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