SMBs that rely on IT infrastructure for their operation, from providing connected experiences to customers to enabling remote work, will know all too well about the importance of performance in the IT system.

Building the right infrastructure

IT’s ability to deliver speed at scale at every digital touchpoint is essential for the modern enterprise. The trouble is that as some SMBs grow, IT demands are often underestimated, and this leads to an underperforming IT system.

If you hire more staff and talent to realise your growth, it really makes no sense at all to leave IT to stagnate. IT today is akin to picks-and-shovels for modern businesses, enabling growth at scale as network and capacity demands increase.

SMBs can gain a competitive advantage by refeshing their IT systems in the places where demand is anticipated to grow.

Capitalising on modern innovations

A solution could be in the cloud, at the edge, or in the data centre through upgrades. For SMBs with software and apps, a software-intelligence monitoring platform could simplify cloud complexity and enable greater observability.

HPE has a range of solutions for SMBs wishing to upgrade their IT infrastructure at a sever level. HPE’s hybrid solutions are a good example, as are HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers which have in-built security solutions to address security concerns.

AI, machine learning and the cloud

AI and machine learning are other areas of great potential. AI and machine learning processes have the ability to boost efficiency with features like self-healing in response to network and access problems. The age of AI in data centres is in its infancy, but it is already enabling smarter infrastructure and optimisation.

The biggest IT innovation over the last decade has been the cloud, which has enabled rapid growth in SMBs with scalable and affordable technology.

Today’s SMBs have access to enterprise-grade hardware and software from vendors like HPE, Dell, IBM and Cisco, as well as cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services and edge computing platforms like Akamai and Fastly.

By refeshing their IT systems with products from high-quality vendors, SMBs can gain a competitive edge. Any weakness in a competitor’s ability to grow can be jumped on with IT systems that enable rapid deployment and greater flexibility.

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