VMWare NSX is a network virtualisation solution that provides a platform to manage virtualised networks, enabling a software-defined approach to networking across data centres, clouds and application frameworks.

A software-defined data centre has virtualised infrastructure with resource pooling and automation to deliver services. All elements are virtualised and delivered as a service which reduces costs with unbeatable scalability.

NSX is an agile software-defined infrastructure, reproducing the entire network model in software. You can create and provision instantly via services offered by NSX, with a variety of third-party products also supported, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Networking in software is an innovative operational model, forming the foundation of the software-defined data centre. Some of the benefits include:

  • Network provisioning takes seconds
  • Automated provisioning for all networks
  • Protects applications with micro-segmentation
  • Enables zero trust architecture
  • Fully distributed threat prevention engine
  • Brings security under control with automated security policy recommendations and continuous flow monitoring

Here’s why you should use VMWare NSX:

Zero trust

NSX puts zero trust at the core of networking, creating efficient, secure private and public cloud environments. You can lock down apps and micro-segment users and enforce security on a user and device-based level.


Bring your multi-cloud model under one software-defined solution. NSX integrates with cloud management platforms like Google Cloud, AWS, and other automation tools, including vRealize Terraform and Ansible.

Containerised applications and microservices

NSX has full-stack networking and security for containerised systems, letting you create a granular policy on a per-container basis. Make use of container ingress services from the data centre to the cloud.

VMware NSX Intelligence

VMware NSX Intelligence automates security policy recommendations. It lets you integrate security policies in a few steps and provides one dashboard for network and security teams, making it easier than ever to assure security.

Infrastructure as Code

NSX delivers Infrastructure as Code, moving the complexity of infrastructure into software for automated deployment and network configuration. Reduce manual intervention, speed up tasks and reduce the risk of human error.

Speed and agility

Last but not least, VMWare NSX reduces provisioning time from days to seconds. Removing error-prone network provisioning tasks speeds up deployment time and unlocks significant agility and cost savings.

We recommend VMWare NSX to SMBs that are considering virtualised infrastructure. It is tried, tested and proven to deliver results.