Organisations are struggling to transform and innovate. Businesses today are technology dependent, and those that aren’t risk being left behind. To stay ahead, organisations need a savvy IT department that embraces change.

This is necessary to reduce what’s called the ‘Availability Gap’ – a gap organisations face where user demand outstrips what IT can deliver. Research by VEEAM published last year found 82% of organisations (four in five) have an Availability Gap.

And that’s not the only ‘gap’ keeping IT decision makers up at night. There’s also a ‘Protection Gap’ – a gap organisations face where they are unable to protect their data frequently enough. In the same study, VEEAM found that three out of four enterprises have a Protection Gap. An overwhelming majority.

So, why do availability and protection continue to challenge organisations?

The reason is a lack of confidence in IT infrastructure and personnel. Many organisations struggle with data recovery, the key ingredient to ensure the availability of virtualised systems. In fact, confidence in the primary solution to reliably backup and recover data is at an all-time low of 15% among decision makers.

You also have organisations in a state of perpetual modernisation, i.e. in a constant state of change. While some change is good, aggressive digital transformation initiatives and virtualisation strategies can throw a spanner into the works because availability and protection become secondary to the wider goal of innovating system processes. In simpler terms, organisations aren’t giving them equal weight.

Furthermore, many organisations lack the internal resources to quantify the costs and impacts of downtime and data loss. This creates a knowledge gap. From the inside, things can appear dandy but an IT pro looking in would argue otherwise. This hinders availability and protection transformation because the organisation lacks the information and ability to garner economic and operational support to deliver better results.

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