HPE OneView is an infrastructure management software product that encompasses all aspects of the day-to-day life-cycle management of HPE infrastructure.

In many respects, it is the glue that holds together the data centre with software-defined intelligence and a powerful, unified API that enables deep integration with third-party tools.

Given today’s challenging environment, the ability to manage and monitor your infrastructure with tools like HPE OneView is a massive advantage. Here we take a look at the benefits it brings.

Introduction to OneView

HPE OneView has been built from the ground up to be quick to use, easily consumable and effortless to deploy. Technologies supported by OneView include:

  • Templates and profiles – OneView­ templates­ are­ used­ to­ provision­ compute,­ storage,­ and­ fabric ­resources.
  • HTML5 user interface – With a ­complete­ HTML5­ user­ interface, OneView provides a­ ­fluid­ user­ experience­ that­ doesn’t­ require­ the­ use­ of­ security-prone­ web­ browser­ plugins.
  • REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs – All REST APIs require the use of HTTPs, and HPE OneView generates self-signed certificates out of the box.
  • State-Change Message Bus – This interface­ uses­ asynchronous­ messaging­ to­ notify­ subscribers­ of­ changes­ to­ managed­ resources —­both ­logical­ and­ physical.
  • Virtualised and cloud solutions – OneView­ connects­ with­ HPE­ Cloud­ Services­ Automation­ (CSA)­ 10­ to­ facilitate­ provisioning­ of­ cloud­ services­ that­ contain­ physical­ and­ virtualised­ components.
  • Physical infrastructure management – HPE­ OneView­ enables­ management­ of­ physical­ infrastructure­ alongside ­its­ ability ­to ­manage virtualised ­workloads.

What can HPE OneView help you do?

  • Deploy Infrastructure Faster with Software Defined Intelligence – Software-defined intelligence is the core of OneView and enables administrators to deploy and update infrastructure rapidly and reliably using reusable infrastructure templates.
  • Simplify Life-Cycle Operations – OneView is at the heart of the datacentre simplification movement thanks to its software-defined technologies, the use of repeatable infrastructure recipes and a centralised dashboard tool that can connect to management appliances around the globe.
  • Integrate with Enterprise Management Tools – OneView’s open application programming interface (API) enables deep integration with all sorts of tools.

Getting Started with HPE OneView

There are a number of different ways that you can start deploying OneView, either by downloading a free trial or purchasing the HPE OneView Media Kit.

HPE also has an online guided setup and tutorial built into OneView giving you step-by-step instructions on how to get up and running.