Attitudes around working from home have changed for good after the pandemic forced enterprises to adapt and change the way they operate during these unprecedented tmes.

More workers are now working from home than ever before, and thanks to modern IT, productivity levels are as high as ever, with some businesses seeing an uplift in performance as workers spend more time at their workstation.

Working from home is not without its challenges and IT brings its own particular set of challenges that your business may have to face. Here are the 5 toughest challenges and how to solve them:

Challenge #1 – Delivering an in-office experience

IT environments take care of access points without the end-user configuring a VPN or setting up two-factor authentication and password generation. The solution is Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) which extend enterprise services to the home, giving employees access to the same SSIDs by plugging into an Ethernet port.

Challenge #2 – No consistent security controls

VPN connections offer privacy, but they are not so good for IT teams who want to ensure only authorized users and devices are connecting to their networks. The solution is Aruba ClearPass, a Policy Management solution that manages individual connections and handles the authentication process.

Challenge #3 – Consumer-grade access points make work more difficult

Whether it’s slow Zoom meetings or resources, the equipment in homes can be detrimental to performance with remote work. The solution to managing this experience is Aruba Central or AirWave. These extend Aruba network in the home, letting IT see how devices connect, offer troubleshooting guidance, and even change a configuration.

Challenge #4 – New IT devices don’t work out of the box

Whether it’s a new laptop, server or wireless access point, device provisioning can be a lengthy and complex process at home. The solution is Aruba Zero touch provisioning (ZTP), which allows automatic and quick provisioning of devices. Devices learn required information from the network and provision automatically.

Challenge #5 – Learning another non-enterprise management solution is not an option

Managing employees who are working from home is one of the biggest areas of inefficiency in IT departments. There are new layers to manage and several points of failure. The solution is Aruba Central or Aruba Airwave, with these solutions allowing IT to manage and monitor their WFH solution with no new learning curve.