Remote working has helped SMEs stay operational and economies tick over during shutdowns as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, rather than just help SMEs weather the storm, for some, it has been so successful they are considering permanently replacing the traditional office job with remote work.

The global health crisis forced SMEs to support remote working. Before this, remote working was not a top priority. Office jobs worked and remote working created concerns over security, productivity, reliability and performance.

Thankfully, directly addressing these concerns was made easy with HPE Small Business Solutions. These enabled remote access to on-premises resources using VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) which hosts desktops on a central server.

HPE Small Business Solutions

HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote Workers are ready-to-go solution packages for on-premises and hybrid cloud use cases. They include the hardware, software, services and HPE ProLiant options you need to succeed with VDI.

What VDI does is give authorised employees access to the apps and data they need to do their job wherever they are. Hypervisors segment servers to create virtual desktops that are accessed by users remotely using their own devices.

For Windows Servers, you should consider the embedded Remote Desktop Service (RDS). This is a good fit for simple applications like Outlook and Microsoft Office. Processes are performed on on-premises servers, not local user machines.

If you don’t want to be limited to a single OS or application architecture, choose a VDI solution, such as Citrix or VMware Horizon® or Teradici Cloud Access Software. These are a great fit for HPE ProLiant servers and related hardware.

VDI “as a Service” model

SMEs with varying demand for remote working should consider HPE’s VDI “as a service” model. This gives you all the benefits of an on-premises VDI, such as speed, accessibility, control and security, but in a consumption-based model.

Not only is this cheaper, but HPE GreenLake for VDI offers inherently secure on-premises virtual desktop infrastructures. You can power remote working at scale as a service with no big contracts or significant initial investment.

The great thing about HPE Small Business Solutions is they are scalable and flexible with cloud services that you control. You can start with the network you have and build out as you enable more workflows through remote working. With HPE Small Business Solutions, local and country lockdowns and other global health crises need not risk business continuity. It makes sense to prepare for what lies ahead and embracing the very best technology will make life easier.

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