Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is the follow-on operating system to Windows Server 2019, designed exclusively for business use on a server. One of the key benefits to Windows Server 2022 is its built-in Azure hybrid capabilities, bringing on-premises and multi-cloud Windows Servers to Azure with Azure Arc. An ideal server for this task is the Dell PowerEdge T340 tower server, powered by Intel Xeon scalable processors for unbeatable performance.

Should you be running Windows Server 2022 on PowerEdge? If your business depends on hybrid work environments, definitely. Here’s why:

Easy to set up

With ProDeploy, you can deploy a PowerEdge server and integrate it into your IT environment seamlessly. Installing Windows Server 2022 using Dell EMC Lifecycle Controller is simple, or you can install it using operating system media.

Intuitive management

Sever management is just as simple. You can manage multiple remote servers via the general user interface with iDRAC9 Group Manager. You can also access hardware remotely with OpenManage Mobile.

Intelligent automation

Automation includes resolving issues with up to 72% less effort using automated proactive and predictive technology from ProSupport Plus. You can schedule updates and tasks and monitor progress in real-time remotely.

Keep your data safe

PowerEdge technology is made with a cyber-resilient architecture, with an iDRAC9 Server Lockdown mode and the ability to wipe data from storage media quickly and securely with System Erase. You can even wipe all data remotely.

Keep data backed up

Data can be automatically saved and backed up with software RAID. Other security features include Automatic Certificate enrolment and renewal, Local Key Management, Dynamic USB Port Management and Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification.

Seamless performance

Windows Server 2022 runs perfectly on PowerEdge technology with a fully managed, high-performance system that will free up valuable IT resources. You get non-disruptive provisioning and on-demand allocation of compute, storage and networking resource pools.

Is PowerEdge worth it?

Windows Server 2022 will run on most modern servers without issue. However, PowerEdge servers have architecture optimised for Windows Server 2022.

PowerEdge servers are worth it for improvements in energy efficiency, streamlining management, and enhancing compute power.

Organisations serious about hybrid work environments should use the best hardware available. Dell Technolgies offerings are tried and proven, with abundant memory capacity to support virtualisation. Overall, PowerEdge and Windows Server 2022 is a match made in IT heaven, so shouldn’t you be running your Windows Server 2022 on PowerEdge Technology? Feel free to contact us to discuss in more detail.