When you don’t have IT specialists in-house, the most challenging aspect of modernising and securing IT is figuring out the specifications and configurations you need.

New technologies and systems must meet performance and security requirements—but fears over missing the mark lead many businesses to put off digital transformation. Sadly, keeping the legacy dream alive carries even more significant risks.

Why digital transformation is worth pursuing

Legacy IT leaves your business open to maintenance, security, compliance and performance problems that are not fixable when they go wrong.

Modernising and securing IT is crucial to assuring the technological supremacy of your business, especially in the face of disruptors and increasing competition. If you delay, you risk falling behind and losing out to your competitors.

Pursuing digital transformation is also important to move away from manual processes and old, inefficient ways of doing things.

Security is the biggest reason why digital transformation is worth pursuing. Newer technologies and systems meet the latest security standards, with deeper security layers than legacy equipment.

How HPE solutions help you with digital transformation

HPE solutions can automate the setup, deployment, configuration and management of infrastructure and assets, letting you plan, implement, and deploy new IT tools that benefit your business from day one with minimal input.

For instance, you can use the HPE Solutions Wizard to build the best server configuration for your business and fulfil your order online.

Additional solutions include:

  • HPE InfoSight is a predictive analytics tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to address IT issues before impacting infrastructure. It helps automate IT maintenance and eliminates most issues.
  • HPE Integrated Lights-Out, a single-server deployment tool, lets you securely configure, monitor, and update HPE servers seamlessly. It ships in HPE servers as an embedded tool for server intelligence.
  • HPE OneView is an infrastructure management tool for Hybrid IT that monitors and manages all IT across computing, storage, and networking. It builds speed, efficiency, and simplicity into IT by combining infrastructure management into a single management solution where infrastructure is software-defined and treated as code.

HPE also offers solutions for backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, data security/protection and compliance and governance.

From a silicon root of trust that builds security into the most basic operations at the server level via a Trusted Platform Module to HPE Pointnext Security Services, you have a full suite of security solutions at your disposal.