The pandemic accelerated remote working, making working from home necessary for most office staff. Companies opposed to remote work suddenly had no choice but to embrace it or furlough employees.

Now, companies are beginning to move from hastily implemented remote work frameworks like Office 365 + VPN to long-sighted IT strategies. This requires lateral thinking to recognise the advantages of a digital workspace like Citrix Workspace.

Are you ready for a digital workspace?

Opposition to remote work stems from several concerns:

  • The idea that employees are not as productive working remotely
  • The idea that collaboration might be impacted
  • The idea that a digital workspace is too expensive to deploy
  • The idea that there is no way to assure security and productivity

We now know these concerns hold no weight. Remote work can be more productive than office work and stop employees from burning out. It also makes a workforce happier, with most office staff wanting to work from home.

Here are three ways a digital workplace benefits IT and employees.

  1. Unifies IT solutions

A secure digital workspace means centralising the storage of apps and data and creating visibility over all platforms. It requires easy access to all apps, files, and data from anywhere and a consistent user experience across devices.

By design, remote work unifies IT solutions, and it forces your ecosystem into a consistent state that is efficient and built for productivity.

  1. Comprehensive security across your ecosystem

Security vulnerabilities are a significant risk with remote work. Citrix Workspace is secure by design, with centralised logins and data storage, deep visibility and granular-level control, and the option of a zero-trust security model.

A single, comprehensive IT solution that delivers a digital workspace increases security and reduces cost by limiting investment in single solutions.

  1. Delivers analytics for actionable insights

Remote work is a separate architecture from on-site work. It delivers its own stream of data from analytics. It makes it easier to monitor and identify unusual activity and enhances your understanding of how employees work from home.

Analytics provides user-based data insights on the shifts happening in your organisation so you can innovate to improve workflows.

Take the next steps 

Enabling remote, on-premises, and hybrid environments that provide a consistent user experience is a challenge. The good news is delivering a secure, remote user experience is easier and more cost-effective than you think with Citrix Workspace. Get in touch to learn more.