A lack of IT investment means many organisations have significant lifecycle issues in wireless, switches, and WAN infrastructure. While modernisation may seem complex, AI-powered network and security solutions offer several solutions that automate and simplify tasks that would otherwise sap time.

Aruba Central Cloud, a microservices management solution, consolidates wired, wireless, and SD-WAN, providing AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and an edge-to-cloud security solution in a single dashboard.

AI and automation are the answer to IT efficiency in ageing infrastructure, systems and networks that are being modernised slowly. It builds efficiency into workflows and simplifies managing IT, no matter its complexity.

AI-powered networks

Aruba Central Cloud brings AI-powered insights, self-healing workflows, and prescriptive optimisation tips to help solve problems up to 90% faster than humans. This means faster and more efficient workflows and resource allocation.

It can do the following for your networks:

  • AIOps
  • Workflow automation
  • Simplify network provisioning, configuration, and maintenance
  • Unify Wi-Fi, switching, and SD-WAN infrastructure
  • Orchestrate all operations from one dashboard
  • Automatically deploy and update infrastructure
  • Optimise configurations in real-time for performance
  • Security unification across data centre, remote, and branch environments.

Importantly, Aruba Central has built-in AIOps security called Client Insights, which understands endpoints over all networks with 99% accuracy. AI security visibility makes it easier to modernise IT infrastructure securely.

Making the most of time

IT departments are under pressure to get more done with tighter deadlines, remote workforces and tight budgets. The truth is that many deployments are released too early to meet deadlines, with bugs ironed out after.

Artificial intelligence eliminates bottlenecks with recruitment, training, system availability and human downtime by picking up the slack in networks. Manual tasks like network configuration and troubleshooting are automated, freeing up people’s time and ensuring IT departments are not overworked and overstressed.

As networks and IT infrastructure scale, the need for automated, intelligent solutions for networking and storage becomes critical. Aruba Central Cloud provides an out-of-the-box solution for enterprises of all sizes, helping IT scale securely.

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try something new – An AI-Powered Network can push your IT forward and deliver improved efficiency with tangible business results.