Today’s businesses face immense pressure to deliver 24/7 application availability while ensuring comprehensive data protection, driven by customer expectations for always-on digital services. Forward-thinking companies are adopting cloud-scale object storage platforms like Dell EMC ECS and robust backup and disaster recovery software from vendors like Veeam to solve their biggest challenges.

These solutions enable organisations to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption while maintaining data security, compliance, and complete recoverability.

Veeam and Dell EMC ECS object storage can help to:

  • Meet ever-tighter recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) driven by demands for minimal business disruption.
  • Combat highly disruptive and costly ransomware attacks that target backup copies and primary data. Recovering from attacks also necessitates more frequent, immutable backup copies.
  • Growing secondary data from backups, archives, and copies places massive pressure on on-prem infrastructure.
  • Transform cloud adoption driven by inadequate capabilities natively in public clouds for backup, compliance, and data reuse, hampering progress.
  • Meet strict retention mandates from global regulators, forcing businesses to preserve data for longer while maintaining accessibility and integrity.

Understanding ECS Software-Defined Object Storage

ECS is a software-defined object storage platform that delivers easy-to-manage, cloud-like economics on-premises with erasure coding for high durability and cost efficiency. ECS provides native multitenancy, allowing managed service providers to deliver Backup-as-a-Service and Archiving-as-a-Service across multiple tenants on a single storage cluster.

Administrators can enable capacity-saving data reduction features like compression and deduplication across tenants. Robust ACLs and encryption safeguard each tenant’s data privacy. The scale-out architecture allows starting small at 50 TB and scaling massively to exabytes of capacity over time, avoiding costly forklift upgrades.

How Veeam Complements and Extends ECS

Veeam provides modern data protection capabilities to ensure availability and recoverability for cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Tight integration with ECS allows businesses to derive maximum value from both solutions.

Veeam’s patented technology minimises backup sizes and times through changed block tracking and parallel processing. Backup copies are stored efficiently in ECS object storage pools. Veeam also enables fast, granular recovery of files, VMs, NAS shares and application items – meeting stringent RTOs.

With the massive scale, cost savings and multi-tenancy of ECS, Veeam empowers organisations to meet demanding KPIs while reducing TCO.

Key Benefits of the Joint Solution

  1. Reliable and frequent backups plus granular, rapid recovery

The joint solution delivers flexible and reliable backups for workloads of all types while reducing backup storage costs through ECS. Veeam provides instant granular recovery of files, folders, VMs, guest files, application items and more.

  1. Immutable backups guard against ransomware

Veeam and ECS support Object Lock for WORM storage, creating immutable backup copies to guard against ransomware. This provides a reliable recovery point even if primary storage is compromised.

  1. Cloud portability and protection

This solution also facilitates backup and disaster recovery to major public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling greater data portability and DR preparedness while optimising costs.

  1. Validated recoverability for compliance

Companies can test and validate backup copies’ recoverability and security compliance through orchestrated testing by Veeam, helping meet compliance requirements.

  1. Lower TCO than public cloud

Storing secondary backups in ECS costs up to 59.5% less than public cloud object storage, as analysed by ESG. This results in substantial TCO savings.

  1. Simplified and unified data protection

Veeam integrates tightly with ECS to deliver unified data protection. Companies can reduce operational overhead for backup, archival and compliance workflows through a single pane of glass, maximising efficiency, and availability.

ECS and Veeam for Long-Term Retention and Archiving

Global evolving regulations force organisations to retain data for longer durations, exceeding 10+ years, in specific industries like financial services, healthcare, and the public sector. Storing such vast amounts of archival data on primary storage systems is cost-prohibitive and energy-intensive.

ECS object storage provides highly optimised capacity pools tailored for long-term data retention at scale. The erasure coding approach stores data resiliently while driving storage costs significantly lower. Capacity can scale into exabytes, allowing decades of retention.

Data integrity is protected from silent corruption using background integrity checks and self-healing data repair capabilities. Access permissions, encryption and multi-factor authentication maintain the security of extensive archives.

Through its archive tiering feature, Veeam facilitates the efficient movement of aged data from primary storage into ECS capacity pools for retention and compliance purposes.

Easy access capabilities for archived data enable better business insights via analytics while cost-effectively meeting mandates around longer retention periods. Veeam Explorers Suite and Instant Recovery features allow for quickly restoring archived VM and file copies.

Summing Up

The joint solution of Veeam backup software and Dell EMC ECS object storage provides a robust data protection and archiving platform. Together, they enable organisations to:

  • Achieve frequent backups and rapid restores to minimise disruption from outages and cyberattacks.
  • Store backup copies immutably to guard against ransomware threats.
  • Facilitate cloud adoption by tiering older data to efficient ECS object storage.
  • Validate recoverability to meet compliance mandates.
  • Reduce TCO for long-term data retention by up to 59.5% over the public cloud.
  • Scale massively to handle decades of archival data driven by evolving regulations.
  • Unify data protection workflows from a single interface for efficiency.

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