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Top 10 ways to reduce the cost and complexity of IT

By Paul Lyons - Thursday, May 18th, 2017

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The prospect of transforming IT while simultaneously finding cost efficiencies and reducing infrastructure complexities is not particularly easy or enjoyable. However, it is possible if you think differently about IT by aligning business and technology together. Here’s how:


1. Refine network design


Most budgets will allocate sizeable chunks to data centre and networking operations. So, look at capacity sourcing and costs or re-negotiate contracts with service providers to drive bandwidth efficiencies.


2. Make virtual savings


Virtualisation is the key to eliminating compute capacity that sits idle and doesn’t get used. What’s more, it can be applied across servers, storage, networking, and client computing.


3. Remove IT refresh


With several businesses facing end of support scenarios from vendors like Microsoft, you should consider removing IT refresh from the budget altogether, as patches and upgrades are often available elsewhere.


4. Stop the application spread


More point solutions and line of business applications means more maintenance, licenses, upgrades and support. Therefore, review the IT environment to see where you can rationalise, standardise, simplify, and streamline.


5. Manage storage efficiently


Although storage costs are falling, capacity demands keep rising. This calls for more efficient storage solutions, such as using the cloud for non-critical data but with backups and recovery plans in place.


6. Re-think patching


It goes without saying that patches and upgrades are essential, but by outsourcing this responsibility you won’t have to spend quality time dealing with it and can add more value to the organisation.


7. Remove old applications


You might think that old applications do no harm, but they will still impact on budgets due to licenses, support, and capacity. Thus, review and remove any unused applications.


8. Streamline support


In order to streamline support, use end-user monitoring tools and behaviour analysis to understand activity in real-time and then allocation resources accordingly.


9. Streamline maintenance


Multiple managed service contracts across various technologies and solutions can get expensive. But moving to a more streamline set-up can help reduce maintenance expenses significantly.


10. Find flexible finance

The as-a-service model of the cloud can help eliminate CAPEX and will enable your business to pay for IT on a predictable monthly basis (OPEX).

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