Outdated IT infrastructure is not inherently bad, but ageing IT infrastructure will hold you back eventually. This is guaranteed.

As IT ages, it becomes obsolete. Better systems are released. Most legacy systems and hardware are designed to be upgradeable and futureproof to a point, but that point is finite, and if you’re not careful you can fall behind.

Perhaps you don’t have time to upgrade, or you are resistant to change because of the steep learning curve. It’s normal to have reservations, but ask yourself: is my IT meeting the needs of my business right now?

Here are 6 signs your IT infrastructure is outdated and needs upgrading:

1. You work within the constraints of your IT

If your IT is outdated, you will find yourself working within the constraints of your IT. Your productivity levels will be limited by what your IT enables you to do, rather than giving you the resources you need to motor through workflows.

2. You are missing out on big opportunities

If your IT isn’t compatible with opportunities like cloud computing, edge computing, artificial intelligence and privileged access management solutions, you will fall behind industry best practice. Foregoing advancements to prop up outdated IT results in segregated systems and less efficient operation.

3. Your productivity is down

If you are falling short of deadlines, pushing projects back and struggling to meet your quotas, your IT could be holding you back. It is estimated that unproductive workers cost British businesses £143 billion each year [Total Jobs].

4. You have siloed systems and departments

Much of the IT of yesterday was built to deliver a self-contained solution. The lack of collaborative tools and connectivity with legacy systems is plain to see, with organisations struggling with data silos as a result. Silos create barriers that prevent the interdepartmental sharing of information, which is terrible for productivity.

5. Fixing problems is becoming more difficult

If you experience issues with your IT systems and you struggle to fix them, or if fixing one problem causes another, this is a sign your IT infrastructure is not as reliable as it should be, so you may want to consider making upgrades.

6. Your sales and revenues have taken a hit

If you are unable to respond to the needs of your customers and stakeholders, you can safely bet that your sales and revenues will take a hit. Ageing IT is bad for business because it makes you less agile. Many businesses today only do business with those that invest in the latest technologies for this reason.

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