With digital transformation accelerating, SMBs face a tough choice; keep deploying new technologies at great expense or scale down and risk competitors gaining an advantage.

Both have risks: investment in the latest technologies is expensive. A business can end up chasing benefits that are impossible to realise – but sticking with what you already have can mean standing still as competitors modernise.

SMBs need a way to simplify digital transformation across the entire technology lifecycle, including setup, configuration, and deployment of new technologies, so that the investment in transformation is agile.

HPE offers an integrated digital transformation approach with automation, tools, and technologies that handle any requirements.

HPE Solutions Wizard 

The HPE Solution wizard automates the specification of server, storage and network solutions based on your requirements.

You can use the HPE Solutions Wizard to find the best server, storage and network solutions for your business, but what else is there on offer?

You can use powerful filters to refine your searches, such as the ‘use case’ filter and optimisation level filter. You can specify an OS and expandability and see what components are included to fine-tune your requests.

In a matter of minutes, you can size and specify the right HPE SMB validated solution for your business without expert input. You can then fulfil through iQuote or the HPE store to deliver your specialised solutions.

HPE Intelligent Provisioning and HPE Rapid Setup

On delivery, HPE Intelligent Provisioning and HPE Rapid Setup tools automate the setup and configuration process, reducing the need for IT.

HPE Intelligent Provisioning is a single-server deployment tool in the HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management utility. It simplifies server setup with Always On Intelligent Provisioning, firmware updates, installation wizards, advanced Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) settings and Enhanced Secure Erase.

HPE Rapid Setup automates server deployment by inventorying the installed components and presenting a recommended configuration. At the click of a button, you can apply the recommended settings and deploy immediately. Rapid Setup works with Windows OS and Hyper-V and VMware virtualisation environments.

Together, these tools simplify the specification and deployment of HPE servers, storage and networking devices, making it easier for SMBs to embrace digital transformation. By speeding up processes and eliminating errors with automation, HPE gives SMBs an exciting way to keep up with the rapid rate of change.