In recent years, the role of IT teams has become focused on protection. Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) are two ways IT teams can deliver strategic value.

The strategic value of IT is irreplaceable in business, with IT laying the technological foundation for success. Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service are two solutions that that can free up resources, enabling IT professionals to focus on delivering business value and allocate time to innovation.

Veeam + BaaS/DRaaS provides a complete solution, with secure off-site backups, flexible failover, end-to-end encryption and data protection of any app.

Here’s how BaaS and DRaaS deliver strategic value in IT:

  1. Reduce foundational business risks

Security and protection are foundational risks that sap internal resources. BaaS/DRaaS provide a way to outsource protection while meeting industry standards.

Data can be backed up, replicated and maintained off-site, supported by backup and recovery experts. The organisation’s digital footprint is also reduced, reducing the chances of losing access and control over cloud-based data.

  1. Demonstrate a competitive advantage

BaaS/DRaaS solutions provide a clear, documented backup and recovery plan and process, giving your customers assurance over their data.

Outages will not affect your business because BaaS/DRaaS solutions are always available, unlocking greater resilience. Uninterrupted services can be guaranteed, and minimal effort is required to keep these services running.

  1. Confidence in governance and compliance

BaaS/DRaaS providers have their own governance and compliance certifications; your business can take advantage of these just by signing up. Rather than certifying yourself, you can choose DRaaS/BaaS that is already certified.

Laws, regulations and standards governing data protection are constantly changing. Your BaaS/DRaaS assures compliance for you.

  1. Support proactive security initiatives

With Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service in place, you can regularly focus on proactive security initiatives like evolving your cybersecurity defences and patching systems.

Backup and data recovery sap time and eat into resources, which can leave areas of IT vulnerable. BaaS and DRaaS are appropriate technologies that meet demand, taking care of backup and recovery so you can focus on other areas.

  1. Focus on innovation

Innovation is essential to the transformation of all businesses. BaaS/DRaaS systems help renew IT participation in the strategic direction, aligning technology goals to business goals so new opportunities can be envisioned.

Be it data protection of any app, any data, across any cloud with minimal management, or new ways to deliver better customer experiences,  Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service build confidence and enable further investment in SaaS products.