As cyber threats become more sophisticated, your network security must evolve as fast as the attacks. Relying on firewalls designed 15+ years ago leaves you vulnerable to sophisticated attacks that scale and ramp up at a scary pace.

To defend your business in the digital age, you need a modern hyper-scale solution built to provide maximum security, resilience, and scalability.

A modern hyper-scale firewall cluster delivers uncompromising security with cloud-like elasticity, automation, and simplicity. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of hyper-scale and how to achieve maximum security resilience for your organisation.

What is Hyperscale?

Hyperscale networking offers high availability, intelligent load balancing, and easy orchestration. Hyperscale architecture can scale as demand increases, quickly adding more firewall resources.

A hyper-scale solution integrates storage, computing, and virtualisation into a single platform, enabling rapid deployment and automated management.

Scaling is simple and hassle-free, and by orchestrating resources innovatively, you get much more from your existing IT infrastructure.

Who Needs Hyperscale Protection?

Whether you’re a growing startup or an established enterprise, hyper-scale network security is the ideal way to secure your assets now and in the future. You can start small and scale protection as your needs change.

Hyperscale firewalls are especially valuable for:

  • Perimeter security where demand fluctuates unpredictably.
  • Data centres and cloud environments requiring 99.999% uptime.
  • Critical infrastructure like utilities and government agencies.
  • Media companies with large audiences.
  • E-commerce sites with traffic surges at expected and unexpected times.

Check Point’s Intelligent Hyperscale Security

Check Point offers multiple solutions for deploying highly resilient and scalable firewall architectures. For simple HA clustering, their firewalls have built-in load sharing for up to 5 nodes. This works for relatively static environments wanting primary failover.

Check Point Maestro delivers fully integrated, enterprise-grade hyperscale security for more demanding needs. Key benefits include:

  • Easy scalability, expanding existing firewalls 10-50x within minutes.
  • Operational simplicity with unified management of the cluster.
  • N+1 clustering for cloud-level resilience.
  • Intelligent load balancing without requiring third-party solutions.
  • Segment your network into logical groups with consistent policies.
  • Start with 2-3 firewalls and add more seamlessly as needed.
  • Scale capacity from 30Gbps to 3Tbps in a single system.

Maestro utilises Check Point’s industry-leading threat prevention, including anti-malware, IPS, sandboxing, and zero-day protection powered by ThreatCloud intelligence.

Whether starting small or running a massive enterprise, Check Point Maestro provides uncompromising, infinitely flexible security. You get robust protection for your critical systems and data that evolves ideally in sync with your business.

All firewalls in the hyper-scale cluster are centrally managed as one unified system, minimising management overhead. You can easily add new firewalls to quickly scale capacity without reconfiguring routing or policies for the overall cluster.