How the right hardware foundation can accelerate IT Transformation

How the right hardware foundation can accelerate IT Transformation

Today’s competitive business environment means organisations need new ways to stay ahead and drive profitability. Digital transformation – the leveraging of new and emerging technologies to improve business processes – is the solution, but IT systems must innovate too if organisations want to truly reap the rewards.

IT transformation starts with the right hardware foundation. This requires the adoption of modern data centre pillars and IT processes, and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the technology delivering what organisations need now.

HCI supports an organisation in enabling IT transformation by design. It seamlessly combines compute, storage, and data services in a single solution or stack.

Clustering these multiple systems together creates a shared resource pool. This revolutionises the traditional data centre. It reduces data centre size significantly while delivering the scale of availability, performance and capacity an organisation needs. It is the single most effective solution for increasing IT agility.

• 87% of IT managers already using HCI agree that it makes IT more agile, with 25% strongly agreeing*.

Transformation requires agility and what’s typically associated with the cloud and quick deployment is also associated with HCI.

With HCI, an organisation can go beyond the physical integration of multiple hardware systems across disparate server and storage devices. Rather, the organisation can integrate these into one platform with each element designed to work together. This boosts performance and efficiency, making the IT system more agile.

The right HCI appliance eases the purchase, installation, and management of IT hardware and software. Out of the box solutions such as Dell EMC’s require little configuration to get going and don’t need a specialist IT pro to modify. They are designed specifically to support a myriad of HCI workload types and deliver superior agility.

* Accelerate IT Transformation with Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)


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