Unified Cloud-Native Security

Decreased time to market, increased security, and business growth are just some of the many benefits of using the cloud. However, while public cloud providers dedicate extensive efforts to security, customers retain responsibility for how they use those services, including the data that is stored in them, and how it is shared and accessed.

A new security challenge

Security professionals are now faced with the challenge of securing everything across multiple clouds. Of course, it is impossible to copy and paste security strategies from on-premises to the cloud (or even from one cloud to the other). Cloud is no longer one parameter. You must secure access, manage identities, and constantly audit and govern accounts, to name just a few.

Cloud Guard – The Cloud Native Security Platform

Allows businesses to effectively secure the sprawl with one unified cloud-native security platform that automates security posture at scale, preventing advanced threats and giving you visibility and control over all your workloads, across any cloud.
Discover how to deliver zero trust, advanced threat prevention with workload protection, including security hardening, runtime code analysis, web and API security and prevent threats.

FREE Cloud Security assessment

CloudGuard security check-up is a free proactive assessment tool that identifies security risks in your public cloud environments.

The self-guided assessment tool will supply you with:

  • A full security report auditing over 100 compliance checks and configurations within your public cloud instance
  • Comprehensive network assessment to find miss configurations along with best practice for remediation
  • Complete inventory of assets report
  • Prioritisation of failed tests by severity
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