PowerStore is an adaptable infrastructure platform that works with Microsoft SQL, delivering multi-protocol Block, File, and vVOL storage in one appliance.

This single intelligent architecture supports traditional and modern workflows from relational databases to EMR and cloud-based apps, enabling you to scale performance as application needs grow and evolve.

PowerStore also enables IT to simplify and consolidate infrastructure and work with Microsoft SQL big data clusters. It is designed from the ground up for big data and it’s ready to meet your compute, storage and networking needs.

Here’s why you should use PowerStore for Microsoft SQL:

Designed for the new data era

PowerStore unlocks your data. The platform has no trade-offs in terms of performance, capacity or efficiency. The single platform for multi-protocol Block, File, and vVOL storage lets you cost-effective way achieve these objectives.

Automate Microsoft SQL deployment

PowerStore leverages Kubernetes and Kubespray deployment models to automate the deployment of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and big data clusters. You can take advantage of plug-ins to automate other platform deployments.

Performance built for the future

PowerStore uses NVMe to take full advantage of the speed and low latency of solid-state devices. It has high-performance Storage Class Memory (SCM) which approaches the speed of DRAM without the endurance issues posed by Flash.

Make Microsoft SQL Server more efficient

With inline, always-on data reduction and Intel QuickAssist Technology, PowerStore is designed to make Microsoft SQL more efficient. Microsoft SQL Servers can save resources with hardware offload capability.

Container-based storage & persistent data

PowerStore’s container-based architecture enables feature portability and adaptable standardisation. Microsoft’s Linux-based containerized deployment models are supported, and you can use plug-ins for other platforms.

Futureproof with anytime upgrades

PowerStore is part of Dell’s Future-Proof Program, guaranteeing that data-in-place upgrades within the same generation or next-generation of appliances can be achieved. Nodes can be replaced without affecting system integrity.

Intelligent Snapshot protects big data clusters

Backup and recovery are often afterthoughts with big data environments. PowerStore automates intelligent snapshots to protect big data environments and it enables fast recovery and retrieval of data with point-in-time copies.

Predictive analytics and platform visibility

PowerStore appliances come with CloudIQ, a predictive analytics platform that monitors system health, performance, capacity and capabilities. This provides complete visibility over each appliance and SQL database with proactive monitoring and alerts

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